Fighting Hobos
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 05/18/06 6:00 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 3BFighting HobosRabbit Disk
Tue, 05/23/06 8:00 pmRotch Fields, BostonField 1Fighting HobosWiPPs
Thu, 05/25/06 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldFighting HobosTufts E-men
Tue, 05/30/06 8:00 pmRotch Fields, BostonField 1Fighting HobosThere Is No Spoon (TINS)
Thu, 06/01/06 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldFighting HobosFunnel Cake
Tue, 06/06/06 6:30 pmMagazine Beach, CambridgeField 1CrossroadsFighting Hobos
Tue, 06/13/06 8:00 pmRotch Fields, BostonField 2There Is No Spoon (TINS)Fighting Hobos
Thu, 06/15/06 6:00 pmMagazine Beach, CambridgeField 2Fighting HobosMIT Ultimate
Thu, 06/22/06 6:30 pmOlin College, NeedhamField 3Drunken ClamsFighting Hobos
Tue, 06/27/06 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldFighting HobosDogfish Head
Thu, 06/29/06 6:00 pmMagazine Beach, CambridgeField 1Fighting HobosTufts E-men
Sun, 07/09/06 10:00 amForges Fields, Plymouth, MAField 3WiPPsFighting Hobos
Sun, 07/09/06 12:45 pmForges Fields, Plymouth, MAField 1cranberriesFighting Hobos
Sun, 07/09/06 2:00 pmForges Fields, Plymouth, MAField 2Fighting HobosThere Is No Spoon (TINS)
Thu, 07/13/06 6:00 pmFernald School, WalthamField 2Fighting HobosstabmoW
Tue, 07/18/06 8:00 pmRotch Fields, BostonField 1Fighting HobosWiPPs
Thu, 07/27/06 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldFighting HobosJiggy wiv Mr. Biggy
Thu, 08/10/06 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldDogfish HeadFighting Hobos
Thu, 08/17/06 7:00 pmto be determinedFieldDrunken ClamsFighting Hobos

Directions to fields:

Danehy Fields, Cambridge

Rotch Fields, Boston

team negotiated

Magazine Beach, Cambridge

Olin College, Needham

Forges Fields, Plymouth, MA

Fernald School, Waltham

to be determined

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