Baboon Heart
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 05/10/07 6:00 pmChapel Hill - Chauncey Hall SchoolField 1Double RunBaboon Heart
Thu, 05/17/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldBaboon Heartskoosh
Tue, 05/22/07 6:00 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 1SuckwagonBaboon Heart
Thu, 05/24/07 6:00 pmto be determinedFieldStore Bought DirtBaboon Heart
Tue, 05/29/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldStack To The FutureBaboon Heart
Thu, 05/31/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldHeavy DewBaboon Heart
Tue, 06/05/07 6:00 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 2AFetchBaboon Heart
Thu, 06/07/07 6:30 pmMcGrath Field, West Newton, MAField 3Killer BeesBaboon Heart
Thu, 06/14/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldCapture the DreamBaboon Heart
Tue, 06/19/07 6:00 pmBBN Upper School, CambridgeField 1GrassBurnerBaboon Heart
Tue, 06/26/07 6:30 pmto be determinedFieldathenaHuckBaboon Heart
Thu, 06/28/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldBaboon HeartMid-Life Crisis
Thu, 07/12/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldAntsBaboon Heart
Tue, 07/17/07 6:30 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 3ABaboon Heartthe Deciders
Tue, 07/24/07 6:30 pmBBN Upper School, CambridgeField 1Pen Fifteen ClubBaboon Heart
Tue, 07/31/07 6:30 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 1Baboon Heart123 Frisbee
Thu, 08/02/07 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldBaboon HeartForce Huck
Tue, 08/07/07 6:00 pmBBN Upper School, CambridgeField 1MergeBaboon Heart
Thu, 08/09/07 6:00 pmMcGrath Field, West Newton, MAField 3JP House of FrisbeeBaboon Heart

Directions to fields:

Chapel Hill - Chauncey Hall School

team negotiated

Danehy Fields, Cambridge

to be determined

McGrath Field, West Newton, MA

BBN Upper School, Cambridge

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