The Cheeseburger Walrus
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 05/10/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldThe Cheeseburger WalrusForce Huck
Thu, 05/17/07 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldPolaroidThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 05/24/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldSwingersThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Tue, 05/29/07 6:00 pmTufts University - Alumni FieldField AThe LemoneersThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 05/31/07 6:00 pmChapel Hill - Chauncey Hall SchoolField 1The Cheeseburger WalrusDouble Run
Mon, 06/11/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldBBNThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Tue, 06/12/07 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldCapture the DreamThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 06/21/07 6:00 pmFernald School, WalthamField 1GrassBurnerThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 06/28/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldBad PenguinThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 07/12/07 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldOzone PilotsThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 07/19/07 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldSwill, Mill, GrillThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Tue, 07/24/07 6:30 pmHarvard University IMField 1The Cheeseburger WalrusSuckwagon
Tue, 07/31/07 6:00 pmMIT Briggs Field, CambridgeField BDodge Dump D Dive and DodgeThe Cheeseburger Walrus
Thu, 08/02/07 6:00 pmFranklin Park, Jamaica PlainField 1The Cheeseburger WalrusJP House of Frisbee
Thu, 08/09/07 6:30 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 1The Cheeseburger WalrusFetch

Directions to fields:

team negotiated

Tufts University - Alumni Field

Chapel Hill - Chauncey Hall School

Fernald School, Waltham

Harvard University IM

MIT Briggs Field, Cambridge

Franklin Park, Jamaica Plain

Danehy Fields, Cambridge

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