Store Bought Dirt
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 09/06/07 8:00 pmEnglish High School, Jamaica PlainField 2Store Bought Dirt123 Frisbee
Thu, 09/13/07 6:30 pmRonan Park, DorchesterField 1Store Bought DirtToads
Tue, 09/18/07 8:00 pmConway Park, SomervilleField 1LobsterStore Bought Dirt
Wed, 09/26/07 8:00 pmLexington High SchoolField 2Store Bought DirtCounting Coup
Thu, 10/04/07 6:00 pmDonnelly Fields, CambridgeField 1Store Bought DirtTransvestite Blowup Dolls
Tue, 10/09/07 8:00 pmConway Park, SomervilleField 1Store Bought DirtStack to the Future
Wed, 10/17/07 7:00 pmEbersol Field, EsplanadeField 1skooshStore Bought Dirt
Thu, 10/18/07 6:30 pmRonan Park, DorchesterField 1Swirling MonkeysStore Bought Dirt

Directions to fields:

English High School, Jamaica Plain

Ronan Park, Dorchester

Conway Park, Somerville

Lexington High School

Donnelly Fields, Cambridge

Ebersol Field, Esplanade

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