UML Ultimate
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 05/22/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldTufts E-MenUML Ultimate
Thu, 05/29/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldDrunken ClamsUML Ultimate
Thu, 06/05/08 6:30 pmOlin College, NeedhamField 1UML Ultimate1412 Beacon
Thu, 06/12/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldSavage StrikeUML Ultimate
Thu, 06/19/08 6:00 pmOlin College, NeedhamField 1Funnel CakeUML Ultimate
Thu, 06/26/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldSticky HandsUML Ultimate
Thu, 07/10/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldUML UltimateMilton Red Ravens
Thu, 07/17/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldFlying JackalopesUML Ultimate
Thu, 07/24/08 6:30 pmMagazine Beach, CambridgeField 1CrossroadsUML Ultimate
Tue, 08/05/08 7:15 pmGlacken Field, CambridgeField 1WiPPsUML Ultimate
Thu, 08/07/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldUML UltimateGopher Steel

Directions to fields:

team negotiated

Olin College, Needham

Magazine Beach, Cambridge

Glacken Field, Cambridge

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