Ultimate Showdown
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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Tue, 06/03/08 6:00 pmBBN Upper School, CambridgeField 1tbdUltimate Showdown
Tue, 06/17/08 6:30 pmBBN Upper School, CambridgeField 1ToadsUltimate Showdown
Thu, 06/26/08 6:00 pmteam negotiatedFieldAunt JomamasUltimate Showdown
Tue, 07/01/08 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldHuckleberry FlickUltimate Showdown
Tue, 07/08/08 6:00 pmConcord Academy, ConcordField 1JuJuHexUltimate Showdown
Thu, 07/10/08 6:30 pmChadwick Fields, Boxford, MAField 1Ultimate ShowdownHungry Hippos
Thu, 07/17/08 6:00 pmSouth Meadow, ConcordField 1PorkbelliesUltimate Showdown
Tue, 07/22/08 6:30 pmteam negotiatedFieldMergeUltimate Showdown
Thu, 07/24/08 6:15 pmDanehy Fields, CambridgeField 3AStack To The FutureUltimate Showdown
Thu, 07/31/08 6:30 pmSouth Meadow, ConcordField 1Ultimate ShowdownM.O.B.
Thu, 08/07/08 6:00 pmFernald School, WalthamField 1SpamUltimate Showdown
Tue, 08/12/08 6:30 pmSouth Meadow, ConcordField 1Spawning AlewivesUltimate Showdown

Directions to fields:

BBN Upper School, Cambridge

team negotiated

Concord Academy, Concord

Chadwick Fields, Boxford, MA

South Meadow, Concord

Danehy Fields, Cambridge

Fernald School, Waltham

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