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Game DateLocationFieldTeam 1Team 2
Thu, 09/10/09 7:00 pmEbersol Field, EsplanadeField 1Huck BuddiesBiohazards
Thu, 09/17/09 9:00 pmEnglish High School, Jamaica PlainField 3BiohazardsThats What She Said
Thu, 09/24/09 7:00 pmEbersol Field, EsplanadeField 1BiohazardsFall Dirt
Wed, 09/30/09 6:00 pmLexington High SchoolField 1BiohazardsSaucony
Thu, 10/08/09 7:00 pmEbersol Field, EsplanadeField 1TBD aka Clubber LangBiohazards
Tue, 10/13/09 9:30 pmConway Park, SomervilleField 2BiohazardsMoosehead Cowpokes

Directions to fields:

Ebersol Field, Esplanade

English High School, Jamaica Plain

Lexington High School

Conway Park, Somerville

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